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Regardless of what you need, Central Valley Dairy Supply has you covered.

Regardless of what kind of chemicals you may need, Central Valley Dairy can work with you and recommend the best solution to your situation. We carry several different kinds of Pre-Dip, Post-Dip, Cleaning, and several other important chemicals.

Calves and Calf Care is an important part of running a dairy farm. We proudly work wit you to provide the best equipment and supplies for the proper care of your calves.

After all the time and energy spent harvesting forage, the last thing you want is to leave it all out for the elements to wreak havoc on. Forage covers allow you to protect your investment and prevent as much loss as possible. Contact us today to work with you on the best material and length for your specific situation.

No matter what kind of equipment you may be already utilizing, or may want to pursue, Central Valley Dairy can assist. Regardless of if it is milking equipment or other external equipment utilized in milking, we can design and implement an effective equipment plan for your farm.

Ventilation is a very important part of Cow Care and for quality of life for your animals. It also helps with air quality, all of which helps benefit production. Let us help you solve any ventilation problems you may be experiencing and offer you the best application tailored to your needs.

These Automation products are developed and manufactured in-house. These products specifically have helped to fill needs discovered on many different dairy farms in our time. We can work with you directly to determine what data and automation best suits your needs that will increase the productivity and control you are looking for.

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