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Colostrum Management

Feeding management of the postnatal and preweaning calf has an important impact on calf growth and development during this critical period and affects the health and well-being of the calves. After birth, an immediate and sufficient colostrum supply is a prerequisite for successful calf rearing. Colostrum provides high amounts of nutrient as well as non-nutrient factors that promote the immune system and intestinal maturation of the calf. The maturation and function of the neonatal intestine enable the calf to digest and absorb the nutrients provided by colostrum and milk. 


No one colostrum management system can solve all problems for all farms, but we can work with you to develop a tailor-made management system to add ease and reliability to your colostrum management and calf rearing.

Trying to pasteurize, store, reheat, and feed colostrum can be quite a hassle. That's why Oxford Ag has released the Fill, Shake & Feed product line. Handling Colostrum just got as easy as 1-2-3!


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